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Start of the Hunting Season in New Zealand

Last updated on September 20, 2016

Estate Red Stag 3

March brings the start of the main hunting season in the South Island of New Zealand.

As it starts to cool down in the evenings and mornings we are starting to same the game animals moving, with the red stags now getting ready to start the rut 'the roar' within the next 2 weeks.

As many animals are still down low in the south facing slopes away from the sun by the end of March both red stag, fallow bucks, and sika stags will be in full rut mode right through till the end of April.

An exciting time of the year for both clients and guides alike as we big trophy animals that are both never been seen before or growing just that much older and bigger from last season.

Straight shooting to all hunters out there this season.

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