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Start of the Chamois Rut

Last updated on May 11, 2014

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As the temperatures start to cool down in the South Island, our mountains are now capped in snow that will last through until October.

With this, comes the start of the rut for our mountain animals.

May is the start of the chamois rut, a small mountain antelope that weighs around 90 pounds. Fast, agile and alert, this beautiful animal lives in small family groups, with the lone Bucks now moving to find their nannies to start a new cycle of life.

The Himalayan bull tahr are also on the move, the rut is still a few weeks away but already we are seeing the bulls coming down and going through the nannies, before heading back up to rest in the rocks high above waiting impatiently.

There's is no better time than being able to sit and glass these magnificent animals surrounded by some of the worlds most spectacular scenery right here in our South Island mountains.

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