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Sika Deer Hunting

Last updated on September 19, 2016

Sika Deer

Sika deer were established in the central North Island of New Zealand, from a single release of six animals at Merrylees Clearing in the Kaimanawa Range in 1905, gifted by the Duke of Beford.

A red orange coloured coat with spots and white rump they weigh between 150-240 lbs. A cunning deer similar to that of a whitetail they inhabit native munuka and timber for most of the day venturing out in the evenings to late morning. Sika stags are highly vocal species, with over 10 individual sounds, ranging from soft whistles to loud screams.

Antler formation is generally typical 4x4 formation with 30 inch main beams which is how we judge them, these deer are very exciting to hunt. We use both tree stands, blinds and stalking to hunt the deer with ranges from 40-150 yard shots bow hunting is possible.

The sika deer rut is similar to that of the red stag, fallow buck and elk for the month of April although we hunt them from February - August.

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