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Sambar Hunting

Last updated on September 19, 2016


Sambar deer, like rusa, originated from India with its introduction to the central North Island of New Zealand in 1875.

The ghost of deer, is the largest of the deer species at around 700 lbs and inhabits thick native bush in the North Island of New Zealand.

We glass from the edge of the open fields down into the valleys looking for a flicker of the ear, a slight movement of the body. Sambar hunting requires patience and timing to find these shy giants, moving typically early mornings and late evenings Sambar will be seen more often on cooler mornings as the sun hits open valley faces where they will come out to sun themselves.

Fitness does not play a major part in this hunt, patience and skill as a hunter will earn you the reward that very few have the opportunity to experience.

We offer limited hunts each year on Sambar Stags, as this private property does posses some of the biggest wild Sambar deer in the South Pacific we strive to maintain the quality and numbers on this privileged hunt.

Hunts can be combined with Sika and Rusa deer also in the North Island, and with any of the main species in the South Island with a short 1 hr commercial flight. Sambar rut from mid May-August.

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