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Hunting New Zealand

Last updated on July 9, 2015


July marks the end of the rut for bull tahr as they slowly move back to their bachelor groups.

Our New Zealand Safaris continue as sambar and rusa deer begin their rut through to August. Red stag hunting continues on till September.

During these winter months, rifle and bow hunting red stags, bull tahr or fallow bucks will take you to North facing slopes where big game trophies will maximise the sun.

As hunting guides in New Zealand, some will now start there season in Canada and Alaska. Our safaris now take us to Australia also, guiding on big game free range water buffalo in the remote Arnhem land, Northern Territories. This is still one of the last true wild places left to hunt dangerous game on untouched land, with high numbers of buffalo and wild boar it is a true trophy hunting adventure in the tropics.

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