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Himalayan Tahr Hunting

Last updated on September 19, 2016

Himalayan Tahr

Five Tahr were first introduced in 1904 to the Mt Cook region in the central South Island.

Known as the 'king of the mountain', bull tahr possess a long winter cape like no other alpine animals, gracing the hills and mountains of the central South Island Southern Alps.

Tahr hunting is similar to that of many sheep hunts around the world in that there is a lot of glassing from distance to first locate a mature bull, and to ascertain his age and trophy potential. In the earlier months the bulls will be down low seeking reprieve from the sun as they grow out their manes.

New Zealand Safaris has arguably some of the best long term leased, private land footing hunting in the world on exclusive high country stations (ranches). Right in the heart of where the first herds were liberated and today thrive in high numbers. These ranches have excellent mountain roads and high numbers of tahr which means we can cater to all levels of hunters and is great for the non hunters to enjoy this scenery and watch the game.

Our Tahr hunts involve driving between 20-30 mins from the lodge (cabins are available if preferred on the properties) to one of four extensive areas from 15,000 - 47,000 acres into the valleys and on mountain passes where we glass and spot from the truck. Judging bull tahr is very exciting as they can appear from simply nowhere rolling there bodies like that of a grizzly bear showing his size and dominance to any challengers. On our hunts you can expect to see between 30-150 tahr a day with 5-15 trophy bulls. From here we then plan the stalk and the shot which can be between 100 - 350yrds+ depending on the hunter's ability.

Averaging at 270 lbs these are truly magnificent animals and an amazing hunt in some of the most spectacular scenery you will ever see. If you truly value sheep hunting and the mountains and scenery that go hand in hand with this big game hunt, then you will love hunting with us, many bring the non hunter also to be in these amazing places. If clients would prefer we can utilise a helicopter for access up onto the tops for day hunts.

The rut runs from around late May to the end of July with hunting from February to the end of November.

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