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Fallow Deer Hunting

Last updated on September 19, 2016

Fallow Deer

The first introduction of fallow deer was in the South Island in 1864, 25 liberations were subsequently made.

The only other game animal with palmation like a moose, fallow deer have the reputation of disappearing behind a blade of grass, very wary this is a great deer hunt.

Hunters have the option of free range or fair chase estate hunts. The estate hunt is on 3000 acres where some of these wary bucks will rival some of the biggest in the world scoring in inches between 220 and 300+ SCI.

Spot and stalk is preferred, it is very common to walk up on bucks hiding in very little cover so quiet and deliberate foot steps are required at times to get into range between 30-250 yards.

Our free range hunts are conducted on one of the top private fallow deer properties in New Zealand. With outstanding trophy heads this property is home to one of the highest populations of pure wild fallow deer. Glassing from the truck into the rolling foot hills this hunt has similar aspects to that of a mule deer hunt. Capes on bucks vary from brown, meinal, to white and spots that run through the back on all phases.

Small in size and well muscled, fallow deer weighing around 200lbs, they have incredible speed and agility so time must be taken when stalking these deer.

An all round exciting deer hunt this is a great combination in timing with the red stag, elk and sika rut which runs from early April to mid May.

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