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Elk Hunting

Last updated on September 19, 2016


Elk, or Wapiti, were gifted to New Zealand by president Roosevelt in 1909, with 20 animals being released in George Sound, Fiordland in the South Island.

The largest of our game animals we hunt them the same way in what we do the red stag by spot and stalk and calling. With an abundance of food, milder winters and no predators the bulls antler growth is exceptional. We score them on the SCI system where the can range from 330 to 500+ inches.

Your guide will give you a indication of what score he will be, we are focused on what the client likes in antlers foremost. If the bull goes over that score break the client is not obliged to pay an upgrade unless previously discussed, its about the hunt and what our client likes over score.

From there we plan our approach to get into a suitable range between 80 - 250 yards and take time to make the shot. Bow hunting on these guys will get your heart pumping with average shots at approx. 40 yards where we can use cover, calling and blinds to get in close this is great for non hunters to take part in the hunt and capture some amazing photos.

The bugle is from mid March to the end of April.

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