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Chamois Hunting

Last updated on September 19, 2016


As a gift from Austrian emperor Franz Josef in 1907 they were introduced to the central South Island's Mt Cook region.

One of the most exciting and challenging mountain hunts in the world, chamois are a small and alert mountain antelope that live in tight family groups. A lot of time is firstly spent spotting these reclusive animals where we have good vehicle access into the valleys, living in the early season on the edge of timber and rocky bluffs, to long native grasses and sunny faces in winter.

The bucks typically spend their life solitary outside of the rut and blend in very well with the environment at only 80-90 lbs in weight. Their capes change colours from tan to dark brown as it cools off from late April. We hunt chamois on two different private high country properties which allows us to change according to the weather and time of year if need be. This hunt will suit the true sheep hunter who is prepared to put in the time to achieve one of the most under valued trophies in the hunting world. If clients would prefer we can utilise a helicopter for access up onto the tops for day hunts which can be a good option.

The Chamois rut fruns from early May through to mid June.

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