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Start of the Hunting Season in New Zealand

Written on September 20, 2016

Estate Red Stag 3

March brings the start of the main hunting season in the South Island of New Zealand.

As it starts to cool down in the evenings and mornings we are starting to same the game animals moving, with the red stags now getting ready to start the rut 'the roar' within the next 2 weeks.


Red Stags Start Roaring in the South Island

Written on March 28, 2016

410 Inch Red Stag

From the middle of March the Red Stags start getting active from lying in muddy wallows to rubbing their antlers on the native plants, a change in cooler weather brings on the Stags to Start 'Roaring' (the rut).


Hunting New Zealand

Written on July 9, 2015


July marks the end of the rut for bull tahr as they slowly move back to their bachelor groups.

Our New Zealand Safaris continue as sambar and rusa deer begin their rut through to August. Red stag hunting continues on till September.


Start of the Chamois Rut

Written on May 11, 2014

Photo 11 05 14 11 10 12 Am

As the temperatures start to cool down in the South Island, our mountains are now capped in snow that will last through until October.

With this, comes the start of the rut for our mountain animals.


A Stirring Amongst the Red Stags

Written on March 26, 2014

A Massive Free Range Red Stag

As we move into fall, last night's southerly has left behind a beautiful clear day today with a couple of inches of snow on our higher Canterbury mountains including the Southern Alps.


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